When William Shakespeare used the word in 1591 in the play Henry VI, never could he have envisioned that I would use the word here 423 years later.

But if the idiom fits, use it.

The Ontario Hockey League announced Friday an 8 game suspension to Sarnia Sting defenseman Anthony DeAngelo. The star defenseman, who is eligible for June’s National Hockey League draft, was originally suspended by the team after a teammate complained about a comment that was in violation of the league’s Harassment and Abuse/Diversity Policy.

Or, so it was thought.

During the television broadcast of the Stings’ contest versus the London Knights on Thursday night, the TV Cogeco crew announced that it was in fact a league suspension and that the decision would be handed down Friday.

The chronological order of the events that took place remains a mystery – because no one is talking. It’s believed the player (who also remains a mystery) first complained to Sting management who then suspended DeAngelo immediately and turned the matter over to the league who took the suspension from there.

There have been other such suspensions for violating the policy – Brandon Devlin in 2012 comes to mind -  but this is DeAngelo’s second such suspension. And these eyes have yet to find a player suspended under the policy for something said to a teammate. And so, media outlets across North America picked up on the story.

Over the past week, the question I have been most asked is “what’s going on with DeAngelo?”

The fact is that there are many rumors out there, rumors that won’t be shared here – mum’s the word. If there was something factual to report we’d do that. And the only fact we have is the League’s statement.

Agent Murray Kuntz tweeted this yesterday:

I’ll admit, I totally agree with Kuntz’ last sentence. Many have said things that they are not proud of and when it required disciplinary action and are in the public eye, they’ve made their apology public. Maybe DeAngelo will do that in due time.

As for the judgement: It’s what people do. Maybe those people would be a little more forgiving if there were an apology. Maybe they wouldn’t be. Does it really matter?

DeAngelo is an extremely gifted and talented hockey player destined to earn millions of dollars over the next 15-20 years. The only judgement that matters is when one NHL general manager steps to the podium in June in Philadelphia and announces “..... select from the Sarnia Sting, Anthony DeAngelo” because they believe in his talent and that this was a once in a lifetime mistake (or second time) made by an 18 year old.

So the question remaining is: Will that selection still happen in round one? NHL GM’s and scouts talk to their OHL cousins and know the goings on. They’ll know what all of us wish we knew.

Judgement day is June 27/28 in Philadelphia – the only judging that really matters.