Game Report for Round #2 – Game #3 Brampton Battalion at Niagara Icedogs

Pictured is Freddie Hamilton who was the #1 star – with 3 goals and 2 assists in the game.

The Battalion came into this game down 2-0 in the series and came out with ‘guns a blazin’’ as they took an early 1-0 lead. Mark Visentin was not stellar he allowed a goal on the first shot of the game and 2 goals on
the first 5 shots of the game. The second goal for Brampton was during the Icedogs powerplay. The puck was cleared into the Icedogs zone, and ended up in front of their net. 3 Defenders collapsed the zone in front of Mark Visentin but none of them took control of the puck. Lane was the opportunist who would jam the puck into the net for the Battalion’s early 2-0 lead. Ryan Strome was one of those defenders. He would leave the ice immediately after that goal to return to the dressing room – he was not injured but needed to refocus.  Three and a half minutes later he and Freddie Hamilton would be buzzing in the offensive zone – eventually leading to
Kuhnhackl’s first goal. Robinson and Agozzino would be involved in a fracas late in the period and earn matching roughing penalties which would carry over into the second frame. The first period would end with a 2-1 Brampton advantage.

Early in the second period Jesse Graham would get involved in a cross-checking competition with Mackie in the Icedogs defensive zone and earn a penalty for his trouble. Freisen would block a point shot on the penalty
kill and then steak in on a breakaway and score to tie the game up at 2 goals apiece. Mercer would then be tagged with a weak penalty as a Brampton player would squeak between two Icedog defenders. The Battalion would not cap their powerplay marker until halfway through the period as Strome was in the box for a well earned hooking penalty. As Captain Carrick was in the box, and the Icedogs were in the offensive zone, the puck would spill out to centre ice past Alex Freisen. Philip Lane would come barreling out past the blueline and clip
Freisen in the head with a well placed elbow. Freisen would stay on the ice for a few minutes – Lane would be ejected from the game along with a 5 minute major penalty for his team to deal with. Kuhnhackl would score another during that powerplay session to give the homeside a 4-3 lead.

Freddie Hamilton would score two more in the third period (once shorthanded) for the hatrick and rocket up to 7th place on the OHL scoring playoff race. Ryan Strome would collect 4 assists on the night – making the combination of #13, #18 and #19 with 5 goals and 6 assists in this game. The three stars for the night would be Freddie Hamilton, Ryan Strome and Tom Kuhnhackl.  The series continues in Brampton on Thursday night where the Icedogs could close out the series – plenty of seats should be available at the door as they only drew 2200 on Sunday for the last game.