Normally this space is reserved for our Look at the Belleville Bulls Week in Review. This would have been Week 13 and I know there are no superstitions in hockey but we didn't want any part of the number 13, so in its place we bring you a mid-season report on the Belleville Bulls. In place of Grades we used a Christmas Story.  Sort of. This Christmas Story is best read out loud and in the same delivery of "T'was the Night Before Christmas. I Hope you enjoy.



' Twas the mid way point in the Belleville Bulls season,

just before Christmas, and its the holiday season.

All the players have gone home, and the Yardman is bare,

our thoughts and opinions on the Belleville Bulls we will share.


Coach Burnett and his Staff are all snug in their beds,

with visions of OHL Championships & Memorial Cups in their heads;

With Malcolm Subban in Net, Brendan Gaunce as the Cap,

The question to be is,  how do they wake the offensive up from its nap ?


In the stands and in the papers there is all kinds of chatter.

Everyone will say its "the Power Play", that's whats a matter.

Fixing it is easy to say, "Shoot the Puck" and "Skate Harder",

If only the players would comply, Coach Burnett would look smarter.


The Power play is not the brightest star in this show,

Down the stretch that should change, with Jake Cardwell on the back row.

Be it on the power play or not, very little scoring has yet to appear,

The leading scorer on the team is in his draft year,

Jordan Subban has been pulling the sleigh, just like Rudolph leading the way.


With Daniil Zharkov, so lively and quick,

The Belleville Bulls and their fans need to see more goals from his stick.

Mother Russia has been kind to the Belleville Bulls this year,

Sergey Kuptsov has muscle and skill, that makes us smile from ear to ear.


With De Sousa, Little Cramarossa, Aaron Berisha, Chad Heffernen and Niki Petti,

In the future the goals at even strength and on the power play will be plenty.

But don't worry, The Bull of the Friendly City wont give up to many,

Charlie Graham has been watching and learning from the best,

when its his turn to start @ChuckSauce31 will be up to the test.


As the corner on the season is about to be turned,

There are a few things that we have learn-ed,

Scott Simmonds can play, Jake Worrad can too,

A pair of under rated guys that always come through.


As Santa is checking his list,

He sees Adam Bignell hits with his body and also his fists,

But Santa knows Bignell's game isn't just naughty, it can be nice

Adam's the plus/minus leader, of the team that Belleville puts on the ice.


Santa is dressed all nice is his suit, He looks over this team from its hat, to its boots

He looks for the glue that holds them together, maybe a trio that acts like a tether,

Well even our friends Pat Smola and Matt Parlette could see,

that Carter Sandlak, Micheal Curtis and Garrett Hooey are that three.


People say Austen Brassard "Can Score", everyone knows it, that's no secret,

The Jets prospect will have to pick up the pace so people repeat it.

With his size and his skill and his sniping ability,

in the second half he will make goalies look silly.


Brady Austin is big, but some times you cant see him,

He plays his position well, maybe that's part of the reason

The Buffalo pick's job isn't always fun,

Brady doesn't score a lot of goals but he gets his job done.



Stephen Silas has been around for a long time,

and this season is no different, he's been just fine.

He's played the most games in franchise history.

Bullie, Ringo and Toro. Why we need 3 mascots now that's a Christmas Mystery.


Joseph Cramarossa has started to move his feet,

And now he is seeing his name on the score sheet.

In the shoot out, The Bulls know that he's money,

after this season so will the Ducks that play where its sunny.


In Belleville, where Penalty killing is king

This group of players have made it their thing,

they block shots and they never panic,

its like they are the iceberg and their opponents are the Titanic.


The First half of the season has been pretty good,

Belleville battled for 1st in the division, like we thought they would.

The goal tending and defensive play has been strong,

If scoring picks up, the Belleville Bulls playoff run will be long.


If things go the way the Bulls hope in the New Year,

to play hockey in May, is the mission, that much is clear.

and when the Belleville Bulls find out what winning is about,

Everyone will hear Jack Miller say "This one, was never in doubt."